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The IGRTC, led by Vice Chair Saadia Kontoma, convened its inaugural meeting in Wajir County today, alongside H.E FCPA Ahmed Abdullahi, Governor Wajir County, and representatives from the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) and Kenya National Library Services (KNLS).

The meeting marked the beginning of the process to identify and validate museum and library assets, a crucial step in transferring resources to the County Government of Wajir. This is part of the ongoing activities and efforts to ensure counties are well-resourced to undertake devolved functions.

The Transfer of Library assets from Kenya National Library Services to the Wajir County Government and the signing of an Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement (IPA) marks a great step in the finalization of the exercise that began last year. Further, through the County Additional Revenue Allocation Act assented to by H.E. The President allocated Sh162.8 million in conditional grants for library services to offset the shortfall in 21 of the 33 counties having library functions.

During the meeting, the team also appraised H. E the Governor on the Verification of the Museum assets is scheduled for March 27th, 2024. During this assessment, the team will evaluate the condition of museum assets in preparation for the transfer, which will be formalized through the signing of an Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement (IPA) at a later date.

The Vice-Chair emphasized IGRTC's dedication to transferring duly verified assets, aiming to enhance the capacity of county governments in effectively executing devolved functions.