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The new PS State Department of Devolution and ASALs Mr. Julius Korir, CBS hosted IGRTC Members led by Acting Chairman on a Courtesy call to his office.

The discussions centered on enhanced consultations, collaborations, and coordination in handling Intergovernmental matters that deepen the success of devolution in service delivery. Support to activities of Assets and Liabilities, Functions Transfer, Sectoral forums, ADR, implementation of Summit Resolutions & Budget enhancements were discussed.
IGRTC Members present were Dr. Perminus Ndimitu, Hon. Alfred Khangati, Mr. Wilson Pere, Mrs. Alice Mayaka, Mrs. Angeline Hongo, Mr. Patrick Karanja, and CEO Peter Leley.

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Intergovernmental consultation forum for the water sector

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We take this opportunity to appreciate all stakeholders led by our partner UNDP, The Ministry of Devolution and Asals, The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, Water sector players, County Executive Members of Water and IGRTC fraternity for being part of the just ended Water sector Intergovernmental consultative forum. We look forward to bettering delivery of the water functions to Kenyans.

soderoIntergovernmental consultation forum for the water sector
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IGRTC hosting Intergovernmental consultation forum for Water sector from 9th- 10th March 2021 in Nairobi

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The 2 day Water sector Intergovernmental consultative forum was held on 9th and 10th March. It was organized by IGRTC and sponsored by UNDP. It has officially ended today with Mrs. Angeline Hongo delivering the closing remarks on behalf of Ag Chairman, Mr. John Burugu.

She emphasized the need of the Intergovernmental water sector forum as an engagement platform between the Ministry of Water and county governments to deliberate on matters of mutual interest of the sector. She called for enhanced cooperation and consultation amongst various stakeholders for effective and efficient service delivery within the sector.

During the final day of the consultation forum, , stakeholders dealt on Intergovernmental Water Sector issues by receiving presentations from water entities including National Water harvesting and Storage Authority, Water Services Regulatory Board and National Irrigation Authority (NIA). The Joint Agriculture Sector Consultative and Coordination Mechanism (JASCCOM), an intergovernmental structure in the agriculture sector also made a presentation. The forum enabled dissemination and engagement on the water function cutting across issues of effective water harvesting & development of flood control, Irrigation status and potential in community based Irrigation, capacity building and lessons from the already in place Agriculture Intergovernmental sector.

The consultative forum outlined 8 resolutions and tasked IGRTC, Council of Governors, Ministry of Water, Sanitation & Irrigation, and Ministry of Devolution and Asals to follow up on the implementation of the resolutions to address and unlock the potential of effectively delivering the water function to Kenyans. The 8 pointer resolutions include:

1) Water sector governance

2) Capacity building

3) Water Resource Management

4) Intergovernmental Relations

5) Monitoring and Evaluation

6) Funding

7) Intersectoral consultative meetings

8) Unbundling of water functions

soderoIGRTC hosting Intergovernmental consultation forum for Water sector from 9th- 10th March 2021 in Nairobi
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IGRTC Members paid a courtesy call to CRA on 17th Feb 2021

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IGRTC team today paid a courtesy call to Commission on Revenue Allocation CRA to discuss areas of partnership in Devolution on areas of cooperation, consultations, collaboration, and synergy in resources allocations for devolved functions.

Other areas included Pragmatic solutions to the settlement of Assets and Liabilities of DLAs, & general fiscal management including handling of Pending Bills which are intergovernmental in nature hence the need for consultations between the CRA and IGRTC for delivery.

Present during the consultative meeting was the CRA team led by the Chairperson Dr. Jane Kiringai and IGRTC team led by Ag. Chairman Mr. John Burugu.




soderoIGRTC Members paid a courtesy call to CRA on 17th Feb 2021
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IGRTC Paid a courtesy call to National Land Commission

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This morning, Acting Chairman IGRTC Mr. John Burugu together with Members Dr. Perminus Ndimitu, Mrs. Linet Mavu, Mrs. Saadia Kontoma, Mr. Wilson ole Pere, Mrs. Angelina Hongo, and CEO Peter Leley paid a courtesy call to the National Lands Commission offices to discuss key areas of partnership in safeguarding public land held by National and County Governments; dispute resolutions through ADR and synergy in matters that enhance Intergovernmental relations.

Mr. Burugu called for cooperation and consultation of the two agencies in handling Intergovernmental land disputes in counties. NLC chairman Gershom Otachi welcomed the partnership and engagement to better intergovernmental Relations and amicably solve disputes involving state corporationsand the two levels of Government.

Other NLC commissioners present included Vice Chair Gertrude Nduku, Commissioners Hon.Tiyah Galgalo, Ms. Hubbie Hussein Hon. Esther Mathenge, Prof. J.K Tuitok, and Ag. CEO Kabale Tache.
Collaborative & information sharing meetings will be planned by NLC/ IGRTC Technical Team guided by both CEOs.

Watch the Video bellow

soderoIGRTC Paid a courtesy call to National Land Commission
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