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Consultative meeting between IGRTC and top public service staff from Nepal Government.

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IGRTC hosted Nepal delegation on support for Fiscal Federalism in Nepal on 5th February 2020 to benchmark on how IGRTC through the Summit manages to provide a forum for consultation and cooperation between the National and County Governments on all matters related to their respective mandates, success stories and challenges faced.

In attendance were Director, Summit and COG Affairs, Ms. Agnes Muthoni, Director, Functional Analysis and Transfer of Functions, Mr. Mahat Shalle and Resident Consultant, Dr.Joseph N. Kosure.

They discussed IGRTC procedure for settling disputes without litigation, such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiation between different forms of governments.

With the adoption of the federal governing system in Nepal, the National Natural Resources and Finance Commission has been established in the constitution of Nepal to ensure the equitable distribution of natural and financial resources available in the country in order to implement the allocation of state power between the three levels of government.

Effective mobilization of financial and natural resources is a prerequisite for the flow of services to the people, promoting cooperation, co-existence and coordination by the union, state and local governments. This Commission plays an important role in ensuring financial transfer and balanced and equitable distribution of natural resources between the three levels of governments within the jurisdiction provided by the constitution.

Lydia PlainoConsultative meeting between IGRTC and top public service staff from Nepal Government.

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