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Consultative meeting between IGRTC and NMS Officials.

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 Members led by the Ag. Chair-Mr. Jon Burugu held a consultative meeting with NMS Officials over the identification, verification and transfer of assets and liabilities of the National Government relating to devolved functions.

Mr. Burugu said the transfer is long overdue, Nairobi County Government inherited the biggest liability from the defunct Nairobi city council 70% of the total declared liabilities around 51 billion shillings. The next face of transfer of assets is the identification and verification of assets and liabilities of the National Government relating to devolved functions.

All county governments are expected to have completed registers of assets and liabilities that will enable counties to record values of assets and liabilities in their books of accounts through a comprehensive process and guidelines developed to undertake the process.

80% of the counties have finalized and submitted their reports IGRTC continues to actively engage the remaining counties to unlock the challenges and submit their reports.

 In regard to Nairobi County Government the transfer of functions from the Nairobi County Government to the National Government through the deed of transfer Signed on 25th February 2020 now being executed and implemented by Nairobi Metropolitan Service presented a unique challenge for continuity of the exercise.

Currently the process seems to have stalled because of lack of clarity on coordination, funding and how the exercise should be undertaken by both Nairobi City County and NMS.

consultative meeting betweem IGRTC and NMS

Lydia PlainoConsultative meeting between IGRTC and NMS Officials.

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