To ensure continued capacity building for institutional strength and competence in execution of its mandate, IGRTC Members led by the Chairman Mr. Kithinji Kiragu and the Technical staff are undergoing a three day training in Nakuru on costing of functions being undertaken by Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA).

The training is meant to equip and build capacity of IGRTC with skills on costing and Transfer of Functions under the legal provisions on revenue sharing Ctiteria and Principles led by CRA Commissioners Mrs. Irene Asienga, Mr. Kishanto Ole Suuji and Director Linet Oyugi.

IGRTC had requested facilitation by CRA in order to better understand the formula on Revenue allocation and parameters involved, legal provisions that guide Sharing of revenues between the two levels of Government and the costing of functions allocated to either level of Government by the constitution.

Commissioner Irene Asienga highlighted the functions of CRA in preparing Revenue allocation that results in DORA and CARA for vertical and horizontal respective division of revenues between National and county government as well as among 47 counties.

The training is meant to equip IGRTC Technical Committee Members and the Technical staff with requisite knowledge and awareness on financing of functions in Counties and in the National Government.

Director Oyugi brought out the respective roles National Treasury, IBEC, National Assembly, and Senate play in the various Revenue allocation processes including mediation committees in case of disagreements over the proposed allocations.

Speaking during his opening remarks IGRTC chairman welcomed the partnership between the two organizations through cooperation and consultation that is aimed at strengthening the intergovernmental relations for better service delivery to the citizens of this country.

He underscored the need for CRA and IGRTC to continue collaboration in ensuring revenue allocations are disbursed as is provided in law for effective service delivery and success of devolution.

Functional analysis costing and transfer thematic chairperson Mrs. Linet Mavu says the training is aimed at building IGRTC capacity on the parameters used by CRA to arrive at recommendations for a vertical basis formula on division of revenue.

Participating in the workshop are IGRTC Committee Members led by vice chairperson Saadia Abdi Kontoma, John Burugu, Alice Mayaka, Wilson Pere, Linet Mavu, Angeline Hongo, Dr. Perminus Ndimitu, Ag CEO Agnes Ndwiga and Technical staff.