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Mr Peter Leley

Mr Peter Leley is the CEO of Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee. He is a career civil servant with over 25 years’ experience in Public Administration where he held several positions in Provincial Administration and rose to the rank of Deputy Provincial Commissioner for Nairobi.  He was also the pioneer County Secretary of Uasin Gishu County, as well as the first Chairman Forum for County Secretaries. His areas of expertise comprise: Conflict Analysis, Prevention and Management including ADR; Project Management; Strategic Planning and Implementation; Security Management; Operations-(logistics and supply chain); H.R.M; Financial Management and Controls; Change Management; Integrity Standards and Control; and Rural development.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from Moi University and Bachelor of Arts Degree (Government) from University of Nairobi. He also holds Post Graduate Diploma in Anti-Corruption and Good Governance from Marquette University, Washington DC, USA, and studied Urban Economic Development in Galilee College, Israel. He also attended Advanced Public Administration and Senior Management Courses (SMC) at Kenya Institute of Administration, and Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Prevention from International Peace Support Training Centre-IPSTC).

As an administrator he has had hands on contribution in resolution of a number of conflicts, most of which were in the Arid and Semi-Arid areas. They including among others: The Samburu / Turkana Suguta valley conflict that claimed 50 lives and cultivated in the shooting down of a military helicopter killing a district commissioner and four other security officers, The Pokot / Marakwet conflict that came to be known as the “Murkutwa Masacre”, The Degodia / Garre conflict of 1997 that claimed more than 100 people, and The Pokot / Samburu conflict of 2004 that led to the killing of the officer commanding police division (OCPD) Samburu. He also took part in resolving of the affordable occupation of Landlords premises conflict in Kibera and Kariobangi (2008-2010).

Mr. Leley has also participated in several Task Forces and Special Committees including Task Force on Evaluation of Security Operations in Airports (2010), Task Force for Development of National Evictions and Resettlement Guidelines (2009 -2012), Special committee for eviction and resettlement of encroachment on Kenya railway way leave for opening up of Rail line to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (2009 -2010), Committee on Encroachment of Vital Security Installations and Run Way Take-Off Flannels (2010).

Mr. Leley took part as a negotiator in Doctor’s verses National and County Governments labor dispute that culminated into signing of Recognition Agreements and Collective Bargaining Agreement that ended the strike.

It is Mr. Leley’s aspirations to maintain a positive institutional trajectory for IGRTC secretariat and have the organization deliver on its constitutional mandate of ensuring that there is harmonious relations between the two levels of government.

adminMr Peter Leley
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