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IGRTC Strategic Plan 2023-2027


IGRTC Strategic Plan 2021-2025


Disaster Management.


Deepening Devolution and Constitutionalism in Kenya


Report on the Identification, Verification, Validation And Transfer of Assets and Liabilities of the to Devolved Functions


End Term Report of the IGRTC Members 2015-2020


Consolidated Report on Assets and Liabilities of the Defunct Local Authorities .


IGRTC-Intergovernmental Relations Workshop.


Status of Sectoral and Intergovernmental Forums in Kenya 2018 Published


Finalization of Outstanding Issues in the Transfer of Functions in the Agriculture Sector.


Organizational Policies and Procedures


A Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance of National and County Governments and Intergovernmental Relations in Kenya -2018.


Emerging Issues on Transfer of Functions to National and County Governments.


Cost of Litigation in Inter and Intra Government Litigation in Kenya.


Report on Emerging Issues on Devolution and Best Practices in Intergovernmental Relations


The Status of Public Participation in National and County Governments.